Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Papercraft 2

how to post a pdf

bus paper craft

This is a paper craft project!  Click on the picture, sends you to a pdf that you can print out and cut and make!

The Bus by Damon Ristau

The Bus Movie

 A fine documentary film by Damon Ristau.

Classic VW Bus Imagery!

front panels...

After driving through a couple of hard rains, the panels looked even more worser than normal.  I undid the one screw and pulled off the moldy, lumpy mess so many of us see.  Inside the front bottom was puddles of water.  I have leaks I need to address.  I cleaned up the mess, and pulled the fake leather cover easily off the moldy, half broken cardboard backer. Time to replace this with something more substantial ( not terribly more substantial, but more none the less...Below are the pictures of the process:
Set the fabric on the new material, in this case, old thin home paneling.  like 1/8th in thick. This is easy to cut, yet stronger and flexible. Trace it and cut using sabre saw.  Sand, and use spray adhesive to connect the fake leather back on top.  If you do a good job of cutting it fits back in pretty easy.  I am adding r-13 house insulation to this cavity while I am at it.  I also am adding another screw at the top, just remove one of the screws from the heat system and tie into that with a long screw. this adds strength, and helps the new material bend to the curve easier.  Net result:  Not much difference visually, but its insulated and stronger for many years to come.

the cruddy cardboard.  What a strong material for a car!  NOT!

the empty cavity.

Tracing the fake leather.

Cut out of thin paneling.  Sand.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Westy rear sofa bed kit

So looking foreward to putting this in my bus. It will be phenomenal! Birthday is coming. Here is the link to bus depot and installation directions.

The Smith and Mintert children heading to a Car show.  Put it on display with 4 carseats!  Rockin!
Westy Rock and roll hinges.  Delicious.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My art for a show in Carthage

This is my art for a local show at the Beehive Collaborative, a local studio run by a college professor.  It comes from a photo I took at Eureka Springs, AR, a few weeks ago.  The focus is community. I felt that even though it was only my first time at one of these shows, I saw community. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Converting a standard mini bus to a camper bed

Just figured out how to convert back to a bed easy, no big build. Mind blown. The bottom flips down, and just found that it has an adjustable clip that holds it down! Also, there peg holes at the top off the seat back I could just insert the front headrests on top to make full length. Just add a cushion, like off my unused futon maybe? Front bench gets in the way, so it would be flipped around the other way, allowing space for a table in the process.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Eureka springs 20th annual vw show and tourcade

So awesome!
Gorgeous Splittie with Louvers up
Beutiful Patina.
Won first place I think in their category.
Ginger has a bad alternator. That is bad for the battery. (only brought one.)  AAA came out and got us the last 20 miles.
Spent a few minutes at the end taking pics of bugs. I had over indulged in the busses.
Ingenious idea for camper bus
I think someone likes the Hogs....

Blue Beautie

Butch getting us on the road.
Lining up for the parade.
View from the second floor
Where is Ginger?
2nd breakdown, same problem, 15 miles, 25 minutes from an Autozone.  Ended up taking an extra 2 hours.
"Thats great!"  "Thanks!  Might as well have fun!"
Burlap sacks!   These people live in Springfield. His name is Mark.
Variety is spice of life.
2 minutes to parade.
1963 Squareback.  Meemaw had one when my wife was a baby.
Heading down the hills in the parade
Off  road bus made by Way Out.
Down pour in the middle of a drought.  caught us at Subway.  Gal working there sold us a couple of t-shirts from the VW show a couple years ago
uncle Matt waiting for Amber to pick us up.
Goofiest pose ever.  I was posed cool, then he took a long time and I got tired of it.  Snapped it after.
Goin on a safari!

Love the roof racks!  the details on this satin finish are sublime.  I want to detail out Ginger like this...

only 14 thousand.