Monday, August 25, 2014

Update on Repairs: shocks, 3rd, 4th and reverse.

The shocks have been broken since just after with their last fixed.  Those shock mounts had been sheared off since before I got her.  Andy fixed them with a welder, but that only lasted a couple days.  New job includes 6 inches of 1/4 in steel on each side.  No shakes anymore!!

Also, revers has been gone for a month, and 3rd and 4th have been terrible.  Had to smash them in!  The Samba forums suggested that the shift coupler had a loose collar.  I had already replaced that!  (Moral: do not trust new parts...)  Again, welding was the answer.  Pulled, welded, reinserted and boom!  All gears back again!  Life is good!

Easy vw awning

Scrap fabric from sewing bin:  free.
Schedule 40 pvc pipe from brother in law:  free.
2 electric conduit clamps from Ace hardware:  $3.00.
Shade from homemade awning:  priceless.

Simply sew 2 channels through the ends of the fabric, insert pvc.  Clamp one end to rain gutter using a bolt and wingnut.  Insert the other 2 pvc pieces into the jack supports below the ends of the sliding door.  Flex the pipe to achieve tension and insert into elbow pieces on ends of pvc in second channel.  Instant cheap shade.

Ginger in the news...last year.

This is an article with a picture of Uncle Matt, Ginger, and I in the parade.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

On our way to Eureka springs again!

Left achool, finished packing and headed for those Arkansas Hills.  Third and fourth started going out, but we will make it!