Tuesday, September 18, 2012

front panels...

After driving through a couple of hard rains, the panels looked even more worser than normal.  I undid the one screw and pulled off the moldy, lumpy mess so many of us see.  Inside the front bottom was puddles of water.  I have leaks I need to address.  I cleaned up the mess, and pulled the fake leather cover easily off the moldy, half broken cardboard backer. Time to replace this with something more substantial ( not terribly more substantial, but more none the less...Below are the pictures of the process:
Set the fabric on the new material, in this case, old thin home paneling.  like 1/8th in thick. This is easy to cut, yet stronger and flexible. Trace it and cut using sabre saw.  Sand, and use spray adhesive to connect the fake leather back on top.  If you do a good job of cutting it fits back in pretty easy.  I am adding r-13 house insulation to this cavity while I am at it.  I also am adding another screw at the top, just remove one of the screws from the heat system and tie into that with a long screw. this adds strength, and helps the new material bend to the curve easier.  Net result:  Not much difference visually, but its insulated and stronger for many years to come.

the cruddy cardboard.  What a strong material for a car!  NOT!

the empty cavity.

Tracing the fake leather.

Cut out of thin paneling.  Sand.

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