Monday, August 25, 2014

Easy vw awning

Scrap fabric from sewing bin:  free.
Schedule 40 pvc pipe from brother in law:  free.
2 electric conduit clamps from Ace hardware:  $3.00.
Shade from homemade awning:  priceless.

Simply sew 2 channels through the ends of the fabric, insert pvc.  Clamp one end to rain gutter using a bolt and wingnut.  Insert the other 2 pvc pieces into the jack supports below the ends of the sliding door.  Flex the pipe to achieve tension and insert into elbow pieces on ends of pvc in second channel.  Instant cheap shade.


  1. Genius! I love it. Will look great on my Nellie. What lengths are the support pvc pipes, the longer ones? I've also always wondered where people store theirs. Up top?

  2. The two long ones that bend are probably 8-10 ft. long. the one across the top in the rain gutter is also 8-10 ft. the shorter one, the one inside the sewn channel at the outside edge of the canopy is the width between the two jack supports. I think its around 5 ft. sorry, Im not at my bus. I roll the parts in the fabric and stick it inside, between the benches and the driver side wall. Clips go in the glove box. Hope this helps!