Friday, July 20, 2012

Finding my bus, or she finds me.

Quick story of how we got her. 
All the kids were gone.  I don't know how we managed that.  It was July 5, we had just cooked up frog legs at my brother-in-laws yesterday.  The mrs. and I left a thrift store unsatisfied.  So we decided to go to a flea across town.  On the way we pass a used car lot and there she sat.  Amber says, "You would look cute in that. Wanna go take a look?"  For real?  180 degrees!  Looked her over, liked her, left, fetched Ollie, and found she was at a great price.  Talked it over at night, went over right at the beginning of the day to get one more test drive while the bank processed the loan.  By 5 pm she was ours.  Anyway, the boys returned the next day and were shocked!!  Brody already plans to drive her to school when he can. I think it would be great to loan it to him for a couple years, as long as she comes back to me...

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