Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fixing the front door handle and greasing the lock

It is always a little scary when you start pulling out what seems like perfectly good parts.  But when I bought her, this door did not work.  I had to open her up and figure what was going on. I removed the interior door lever and window winder, then I used a screwdriver wrapped in electrical tape to wedge under the pins, then put the panel aside.  Unscrew (unallenwrenched) the handle, and lo and behold, the lever to open the door on the outside was split in half.  JB weld.  no. Broke again.  JB weld.  No, broke again.  Cut down scrap metal and JB weld with patch on the outside.  Let cure for 48 hours.  YES!!  I have a functional door!  Reverse everything, get her looking pretty again.

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